Why snake and as an ear cuff?


Why snake and as an ear cuff?🐍✨⠀

– I want to CREATE attention to my ears and hearing aids.

What it has to do with #activistess?

– The specific fact that the hearing aids are “discreet” and designed to be that way made me understand where the stigma is hidden. Hearing aids are not perceived as cool or sexy. Look up my post about the glasses.















So the concept of a bespoke jewellery piece in the form of a snake to attract attention to my ears 👂was born 22 February 2019 by @jacquilarssonjewellery

Before the snake Jacqui and I explored various other forms or spirals, but then Jacqui sent me an email with this text;

…snakes don’t hear. They don’t have ears- they rely on vibrations and a flickering tongue to interpret danger. Snakes depend on their other senses to make sense of the world – this exact phrase for me was the EUREKA moment!

I do the same. We all do! Life takes one thing, and we must discover other ways to function. The snake summarises for me what I would like to achieve – it takes a snake to face the truth. The truth is – humans are losing their hearing sense.

World Health Organisation estimates that globally 1 in 10 are experiencing a significant hearing loss. Hearing Loss is referred to as a silent and invisible disability. Time to face the truth guys. Sorry to be breaking the news.















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