Hero Number 3

My Hero no 3 – @mrlukechristian – a positive activist for #deaf and #signinglanguage. He is a gorgeous man passionate about #malegrooming 🤩.

How interesting that he is so unique and appealing that many strong global brands endorse him. ☝️💥 Luke is wearing @phonak which is a brand under @sonovagroup (they also do my @unitronglobal hearing aids that I have validated with platform Discover)

I want to be like Luke. FREE.👂💥👂

Being released from the pressure of social stigmas is like being released from prison, but with a bag of gold as compensation,💎 you get out free and rich! Luke is my role model for how a modern creative activist should portray himself –
Brave, confident and free 🙌

…A Totally mind-blowing young man with #hearingaids, style, cool #jewellery (he is also into #snakes 🐍 ) and I bet he smells nice. Luke, thank you for your cooperation with me – I am honoured to feature you on my page for Mission #Activistess. 🙌