About an office or “work as you go”

Two weeks ago, I got myself an assistant to help to run #activistess, help with growing my company and take care of little personal jobs. I feel like I have grown up instantly. 👑

My condition was – “do you mind that we don’t have any office?”

I live on the go and work on the go. I do have an office where I support my boss, but everything else happens in my head as I move. My boss is a very traditional old-school, but that is how he is the best boss and best in his field. ⠀

I am productive at the most in coffee shops of London and in flights.☕️✈️

My assistant lives in the same building, and she is a wife and a mother of two kids with a career in banking but looking for an alternative way of creative working. She just has graduated with the latest knowledge in running #internetprojects from @v_moldovanova – thank you so much for what you are doing for women 🙏✨ I am so lucky to have her. I want to be with people who want to work in a non-traditional manner, and I want people who can self-manage and self-motivated. We do yoga together in the morning, and we run. And we work as we go.

My own office is in my notepads 📝 video work by @daniel_yates_films

And a reminder that it’s important to hear well in a noisy environment. Before #hearingaids and especially new model @unitronglobal #discover, I couldn’t even dream about working this way. I needed the quietest place possible. Also, my little devices stream calls and music right into my precious ears. The sound seems to be inside of me all the time during #officehours