Creative energy sources

About being Different or Sinatra #myway song. ☀️ Friday is under the power of Venus. This planet gives creative energy much needed for alternative thinking.

I have my ways of getting an energy shot. Sharing with you 👐

🎈Minimum of 16 Hours of fasting releases a vast amount of energy. Dedicate this burst to ancestors or specific human who needs help. On the energy level, it’s like a deed and law of karma gives you back double. It’s the same as actually giving money to charity. Fasting was forever a method of gaining energy and power. Check out all religious practices – fasts and Ramadans are about this! 🍽❌

🎈Translating negatives into positives. I am a master of this brainstorming 🥁Take any fear or difficulty and find three negative aspects. Then cancel them out by finding 5-6 positives. It gives a shot of mental energy.🎖

🎈Friday Venus allows looking for alternative ways of thinking. It can be something simple – like walking to the office on the other side of the street. It trains the brain to develop new neurological chains and connect to a Creativity channel.🦋

Here is a cool pic for your eyes 👀 creative, hah? I love being “alternative”. For sure. And yes I am wearing my cool #hearingaids aids. Styled by