Diana Beluna

My starry discovery from Riga – @beluna.diana creator of @beluna.design 🌟 This girl is a creative powerhouse! 🦋

Artist, fashion designer, artistic photography, stylist, tattoo artist.. endless possibilities.. a lot of her work is showcased @designbyhumans – link to Diana’s page in my bio. I want this swimsuit! Limited time only …

Diana was fundamental in creating the #actvistess logo and the website.

At the moment she is crazy about stars ✨ motive – aka Milky Way, and this summer we are preparing an art project which we will title – something like – The Sounds of Universe. It will be about hearing and stars, and we will blow your mind. ⚜️

Diana, thank you for your drive and for your Time. Thank you for being on the ball and thank you for your professionalism. You are a star of your show, and you are in my #dreamteam ⠀

#cuff on the picture below is a gift and design by Beluna …. no, not for sale. Ask Diana to make you one 💕