What do you think when you see a good looking woman in well-suited glasses?

Most of you will think she is probably smart, and it suits her. You might even think she is sexy. Think of men’s fantasy of a “secretary” in bed. 🤓

What do you think (oh you won’t see, she is hiding them) when you do see – sоme good looking woman wearing hearing aids? (Looking for emoji with an ear and aids. It doesn’t exist. 👂)

Most of you don’t know what to think and how to react when you see the aids.

You will pretend that you haven’t noticed. You won’t probably ask the person what has happened. You will experience a little confusion at least.

Most importantly, most you don’t think she is smart or sexy.

That’s the problem here. People wearing glasses are perceived as intellegent. Over the years, glasses have become a fashion/style accessory used by image makers to be seen more severe and to add the edge.

People wearing hearing aids are often perceived as mentally “not all there”. You won’t find a stylist adding aids to your look to make you look cool. The most expensive aids are made to be ”invisible.”

#Hearingloss is associated on a subconscious level with mental incapacity, old age or something that is not polite to discuss openly.

Let me look for a cool pic of me in glasses. And let me show you one more pic of my aids.

I would like you all to do yourself a big favour and note what you think.

Humans, this is a major glitch that got us into having the stigma of hearing aids!

In #activistess project, I am addressing this stigma and I want hearing aids to become comfortable and sexy to use in everyday life. Just like glasses.

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