Creative Activism

What comes to your mind when you hear word “activism”❓

⚠️I see women lifting up their tops and showing boobs.. I see Gandhi starving to get attention, I see a rainbow parade and people with massive banners.

❌I see some aggressive riots and gas and stampedes.❌

I have come up with a big question.❓

How to make my mission non-Aggressive? Non-intrusive? Gentle? Elegant. Happy. Driven by solution and not a problem. How can I tap into few minds about what I want to talk about?✨

So my answer is … a

🎈C͟͟r͟͟e͟͟a͟͟t͟͟i͟͟v͟͟e͟͟ A͟͟c͟͟t͟͟i͟͟v͟͟i͟͟s͟͟m͟͟🎈

first example of a creative activist is Banksy. He has made so much impact on politics and norms that no one wants to talk about but happy to chew on subconsciously on a collective level … no one even know who is the real person! To me that is a creative activism!

I want to be creative so that I am not boring. I want to talk about very sensitive stuff what we are surrounded with everyday but we chose to ignore because it is scary or we are purely selfish and ignorant.✨

#activistess is about art, beauty, kindness, acceptance and solutions. I want to make it easy on all of us to talk about sensitive topics.✨🦋

I am only human. I am just an instrument of Your Peace and a bit of a pirate 🏴‍☠️♠️ ☮️. #autismadvocate#disabilityawareness #hearingaids#unitronglobal #hearinglossawareness#hearingaidsmodel