Hero Number 1


My Hero friend no 1 – @daniel_widdowson_official he is 38, and he is a famous Australian Actor.

He is wearing @signiahearing Styletto #hearingaids. This particular model looks sleek and very elegant, particularly on men. 😍

I love it how Daniel makes it just so easy and effortless and “not a big deal” to show his hearing aids as a part of his Instagram page. This shows it means something to him, and he accepts this life the way it is. 👂💥

I love it how it all blends perfectly with his family, career and lifestyle. Well done, Daniel! You are #BadAss, and you deserve these Bad Ass hearing aids! (I just copy-pasted your own words!) thank you for your cooperation and endorsing #Activistess 🙏💥👂 do all the girls think it’s super sexy???