Hero Number 2

Hero no 2 – @bearded_bloke_71 with his Siemens Tereo m+ 💥

Brenden lives in the UK 🇬🇧 Midlands. 🙌I was excited to see his profile after he posted these cool pics by talented @john_thompson_imagery to share his confidence and acceptance of #hearingaids

Brenden is keen on empowering beards and motorbikes, and he says he is a “normal kind of bloke”, but he comes across to me as super confident! 😎







Check out Brenden’s profile and do follow him because if you are keen on beards – he has access to coolest bearded men as a brand ambassador of @balbobeard.co grooming products and the most surreal t-shirts from @graniteanchorclothing (one place where you can see skulls, bikes, beards, sea, tattoos etc) my kind of theme 😂

Brenden is happily taken 💍 🙌🙌🙌

He says to me he wants to go over 1k of followers. Easy peasy. 💥Please support your understanding of how important is #hearinghealth 👂💥👂by following Brenden – For all the men and boys out there who need the confidence to accept hearing health issues 🇬🇧🙌

Brenden, thank you for your support of my mission #Activistess – I am here to remind humans about their precious ears. And beards are so sexy ))) check out his earring too. 🤪