I am a unifier

I am a unifier. 🎈Why unify.🎈and who with 😍

I am a proud student of @ana.mavricheva, and one of the rules of genuine and correct publicity for a good cause that Ana teaches is #обьединение or as I call it #unifying (collaboration; partnership, team-up)

thank you, Ana, for underlining it in #кодрублисности and personally 🙌

I have always been a great connector and a strong visionary leader. I am building my teams and I have made my career by having a rule number one (to myself first) that I report only to one boss and the primary decision maker (a little #carreertip here for you) 🥇🤴 I only report to the strongest and most influential because otherwise my time on this planet is wasted. On a #megayacht this role is a Captain and currently my boss for 11 years Mr Alpha (no names)

Years of being a Seafarer as a Purser and working for UHNW families just confirmed to me what humans could achieve as a #crew.

When we are united – we are stronger, we move like a herd, and we deliver. Who is your team? Family is a naturally given unit; all other groups we chose to be a part of.

Even nature works in a unifying manner – trees with mushrooms with the sun with the moon with rain and wind – everything is connected and interlaced 🔆✅


#activistess is not possible without unifying

I want to share who is #mycrew as a thank you 🙏 for believing in me.

To follow … and one more thing – our brain perceives “success” of another human by who that human is surrounded by – their status and level of influence. Who are the 5-7 people you spend time with? This is your crew. This is who you are unified with.