I can change the world person by person

Mission #activistess is to raise awareness about hearing health and make hearing aids as cool as glasses. My mission is GLOBAL 🌍

Every day I have at least one person saying thank you or telling me that my posts make them think about their hearing, and they didn’t think much before about this subject at all.

Maybe I can change the world person by person. Day by day.

Elena is one of the wisest and gorgeous souls I know, and to have feedback from her in person is priceless. Lena says that thanks to my creative activism. She started to asses her hearing health. It became a regular reality for her to pay attention to little noises. She said she became conscious about it. ⠀

This kind of feedback makes my heart beat. ❤️

Thank you all and every single one of you guys for sending me images of ears, jewellery, questions about hearing aids, mental health and autism 👂🧩

I feel a little bit meaningful and useful. The picture below is cool ear cuff shaped like a leopard. See the price. !!! I cannot wait to show you my bespoke project on this theme. Lena – thank you for sending leopard and thank you for your love for over 25 years ✨