This is me. Ole. Notice a #hearingaid decorated as a wing of a #butterfly 🦋👂This artwork is about how I have learnt to be happy. From now on, I can only be a conscious #donor. Donor by Choice. I give you my #essentials. My #joy.

This is how my magic #god-daughter see me. @olliwolker is an #artist and creates art under @_olliwolker_

I have commissioned her to document my #activistess mission.

Olesja says that butterflies 🦋 carry my dreams to Hindu Gods so that Gods make them come true and so that I can be a donor of Joy. She says I must have a glass of #wine to look more human as I am releasing these butterflies to fly to Gods. Actually, we have a family wine business with my mom @mila_buechi, so it is very relevant 🍷

How gorgeous is this mind of Olesja 🙌🎈 I love you, my special little girl. ✨❤️

By the way, Joy was my #runes symbol given to me by @soniaaium