Men and Hearing Aids


Men seem to be more self-conscious when it comes to wearing #hearingaids, and statistically, it takes seven years for a person to sense the #hearingloss and to get hearing aids fitted.

If you check the tag #hearingaids and #hearingloss, you will need to make an effort to find “men”. It’s all the kids and women and senior citizens. Or just pics of hearing aids as objects. 👀

Over a few months of starting #Activistess, I got connected with many men who wear the hearing aids. Different age groups. Diverse backgrounds. What has struck me is that many single ones have found in me a friend and they thought I would understand them. And I totally do.

Their question to me is always something along these lines – **I know I need to get hearing aids. But I think girls will find me not attractive. I don’t know how to even deal with this. But I honestly choose solitude to the uneasiness of the girl I might like staring into my ears 👂ole, am I less attractive with hearing aids?**

Guys. As a confident young woman who went thru exactly the same experience – I would like to tell you one thing –

It is sexy to wear hearing aids if you need to. It is NOT sexy to be pretending that you hear and making up in your head what you think you have heard.

This spoils your life experience. It makes you stressed. It makes you hide the problem. It makes you behave like you are not yourself. For two years, I sat there quietly, not saying much and looking “cool”. Everyone thought I am very reserved and polite, and a girl of “few words”. In fact – hearing and listening were so stressful that I bluffed most of the conversations! 🗣🤓🤪

All girls like confidence and action. Wearing hearing aids is an exact manly thing a healthy male can do.

I am in touch with many men who wear hearing aids with pride.

Those guys have given me their permission to share their profiles and little stories, and I will do so here shortly. 🧔👴🏼👨‍🦳👱🏿‍♂️