Mission of my life

My story is dramatic but with a profound meaning.

I have lost a lot of hearing in 2013 after a surgery on my head. I waited 18 months to find out exactly how much of hearing was gone. It was all the speech frequencies. During this challenging time, I have experienced isolation and depression.

Sudden #Hearingloss almost always comes with mental and social challenges. There is a stigma in our minds that makes us think about hearing loss as an age-related or disability like condition. Humans resent #hearingaids as these are seldom associated with “coolness” …Unlike glasses .. which are “sexy and cool.”

As I came to wear hearing aids, I entered a second stage of living with stigma – I felt like these need to be hidden and discreet, like loss of hearing is “not allowed”. It took me another three years to accept hearing aids as being a part of me and to be able to show them openly.

Going thru the hearing loss and accepting hearing aids made the changes of my personality so profound that I took it upon myself to start #Activistess – a mission of my life to raise awareness about hearing loss and remove the stigma of hearing aids.

This sounds true to my soul 🗣 #выхожуизтени #кодпубличности