My hearing aids are sexy

The most important post. 💥I raise to challenge the fact that hearing aids are designed to be discreet and invisible.

We are ashamed of hearing loss. We hide this even from ourselves.👂

Whereas Eyewear is sexy – Hearing aids are “medical” tools and most expensive models are small and are designed to be hidden. ⠀

When I had to face my severe hearing loss, I was praying all gods that I receive an implant or a model of hearing aids that go deep inside of the ear canal. So that no one will know. ⠀

It took me 6 months to accept that I need help with hearing and another 2 years to stop hiding my ears. Ears are sexy. To pretend that one is “ok” and hears well – is the opposite.

I have been a fan of @yeprem for a few years, and here I am wearing a gorgeous little earring – cuff to celebrate my ears 👂 ✨

The makers of hearing aids execute the design that customers (patients) are ready to accept.

I want to recognize and celebrate my ears. My hearing aids are sexy, just like glasses!