Hearing Aids

my story

In November 2013 my life has changed. #kaimikhail was 5 months old. I have had surgery on my right ear and I woke up with a massive #hearlingloss which got even worse during the following 18 months due to scar tissue.

As my hearing loss got worse, so did my personality and confidence. I felt disabled, victimised, humiliated, ugly, betrayed by the world. I found no psychological support in the system and I didn’t ask for help. ⠀
Young, Confident, Successful, Beautiful …. BUT can’t hear much… all is muffled. I was a young mother, wife, career woman. I have an important role in this world as a right hand of an important family, we give jobs to 35,000 globally and I am behind all these people. BUT Can’t hear speech…. meetings in person were impossible. I was hiding from the world with depression. Then all the autism came and seem to have finished all that was left of me.

Eventually I was told I couldn’t have an internal implant (for which I secretly hoped for) and I was suggested to go and see an audiologist at @londonhearing.

I was fitted with best state of the art #hearingaids. It is quite cool and invisible and cute. I have chosen mine to be colour of “champagne”.

It took me another 6 months to live with aids physically, mentally and emotionally.

I found that there is a huge stigma attached to aids and hearing loss. These are often associated with old age, disability and something untouchable and unspeakable.

I have had a long journey to come to this state of mind and to SHOW YOU ALL NOW MY EARS AND MY AIDS. I am a successful survivor living with disability.

I have started talking to people about hearing loss, #autism, disabilities and stigmas. I am overwhelmed by how much we, as humans, don’t know and how cruel we are to ourselves and others, all this is due to pure and utter ignorance.

My movement ACTIVISTESS is to battle with stigmas. I have partnered with the strongest professionals, organisations and charities to offer best support and knowledge TO EVERYONE.

Today I am born to Unify.

I am #activistess for hearing health.