I forgot my hearing aids once

I forgot my #hearingaids yesterday, in the morning rush. I was shocked to be reminded of how hard it is to function without them.

If I am alone or with friends within short personal distance – I can survive. 🗣👩‍🦱 But to Work is almost impossible! Large spaces in offices absorb most of the speech frequencies. You can’t come up close to your work colleagues. Lip reading helps, but I need to switch on extra attention, and by the evening I have developed a headache.

I did stories about it, and all of you said yes – “tell your colleagues”. I did say, but few people know what it means for them?

So what it means – if I can’t hear – I struggle to listen and to digest information. I have to “catch up” in my head what I “might have heard” and make sense of all the logic and meaning of the conversation. This feels like my whole brain power is dedicated to “thinking”. ⠀
Hearing is so closely connected to Listening. It’s not the same. Listening is a social activity. You can choose to listen or not. Hearing happens at all times unless you are deaf. Healthy hearing leads to the ability to listen.

We need hearing to be able to listen. When we can listen, we can talk, be social.

It reminded me of the feeling of isolation and it was a voluntary exclusion of myself from the society and interaction was at the bare minimum.

I made sure I got my aids today!

Humans, value your ability to hear and listen!

📷photo by @karlina_vitolina_photographer with no retouch (no time lol). gloves 🧤and beret are by @beluna.design, especially for my project.

You can just about see the edge of the aid on the photo 🌈 I wear #unitron model called ”moxie kiss” yes lashes are mine –

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