Preview of the unique piece of jewellery

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location: London Diamond Bourse

“We have been working for some time with the charismatic @ole.grant.activistess to develop an ear clip which challenges the stigma of #hearingloss and #hearingaids.

The choice of a #snake as a symbol was deliberate. 🐉They are one of the oldest and most widely used symbols in both mythology and literature, and are equally feared, revered and worshipped. Notably, they have neither limbs nor ears- they cannot hear.👂

The piece has been manufactured entirely by hand. The images shown are from a fitting earlier in the process and illustrate the ear clip as a silver prototype. When finished, it will be cast in gold and set with a ruby and diamonds.✨

We are delighted that this collaboration and campaign has been supported by the Access and Mobility Professional magazine publication. To read the article please click here

Please follow Ole’s #activistess journey on her profile.”