Promo video for London Hearing


We have filmed it back in June. 🎥🎥🎥

Cannot wait for my clinic @londonhearing to release this promo video! Coming soon. @daniel_yates_films is a technical mastermind for this work 🎥  Here are few behind the scene shots.🎥🎥🎥










This video is to make patients aware of various services and procedures one can receive at a modern London clinic, all in one day.👍👂

We want people to feel at ease about checking their hearing and ENT health. It should be as normal as going to the dentist, if not simpler!🙏

It’s my mission #activistess to promote #hearinghealth, which is directly related to mental health and quality of life. I am so proud to unify with this clinic and be their #hearingaidsmodel – they are one of the best #audiolgy clinics in the world!

#hearingaids by @unitronglobal including Discover model that I have validated in May is now available here too. This is the latest model featuring #artificialintelligence, and I was the first person in the UK (and maybe even globally) to validate it. ✨🙌💥

Have you checked your hearing EVER?