Tim Ferris


I am a fan of @timferriss for ages now. Having read all his books and listening to all his podcasts – I can’t recommend him stronger enough. He is brave and I think he is a modern creative #activist just like me. This episode is on the future of healing depression and anxiety using micro-dosing (magic 🍄, lsd, etc).. Fascinating.

And I have had a revelation while listening to it which has joint my consultation yesterday with @anthony_rozhin on the idea to offer psychological support to people who have lost #hearing suddenly (just like myself).

In this episode, they are talking about the idea that depression used to be not even recognised as a mental illness, and now it’s millions of us going thru it and need medical help.

I must underline – #hearingloss leads to depression.

I want to be one of the channels in the world that people can lean on to go thru #depression and hard times when hearing is gone. Because it will be decades still until governments approve some magic 🍄 for all of us in microdoses to deal with hard times in life.

Hearing Loss is real.. #Acrivistess is for #hearinghealth 🐍👂🐍