To function, I need to hear.

I was still shy today to wear a ponytail to “government meetings”. 💀

But then I felt it is so important to be open and raw here. Look. I am a human. To function, I need to hear. 👂 Thank god today for technology. I was confident and not for a moment I had to strain my mind to double check if I have heard it right …

No more hiding!

In the morning, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror, and I saw #hearingaids very visible. I felt confused, and as much as I am confident and doing all this activism for removing stigmas, I still felt very vulnerable 😶 I thought I am over it, but obviously, not always 😣

I cannot wait to do the go ahead with a special project with @jacquilarssonjewellery to make my ears #pieceofart and make a statement.🐍🌟✨

With ponytail or without.

Go ahead – zoom in on my ear 👂 (lol)