Unify, Give, Joy

I was listening #hakamada another day, women I follow for many years. She inspired me to share a story of how I started thinking about Activistess and three main characteristics it has.

A year ago exactly I whispered to someone important to me that I now refuse to be shy about wearing #hearingaids and as a joke I said that I will decorate my aids with diamonds and wear them as a fashion accessory and that I want to tell the world about how important hearing is to being human. 👂✨I also said that I would use technology to transform a simple instrument to give me superpower. (Still working on this one)☝️

It all happened in @coyamayfair where I am a member… how interesting is that the circle will now close on Coya too ✨(thank you @kasienka_1 for looking after me).

I was so scared and overwhelmed with fear to open up like this to the person who I wanted to like me. I dived into fear and found the #goldenkey and the Answer.

Hakamada says that any idea should has the characteristics below to be able to grow.

– I follow my mission in a #tribe of people who are on the same wavelength as me. Unifying is about this. 🎈

– My #activistess Mission is always to benefit People. It is about Giving. 🌟

– Joy energy is the building block of success. It is an oil in the engine and the wind that blows into the right direction. I look for ways to do what I want the way that I like, and I use my strong points as a climbing tool 🙌 #joydonor post is about this. ⠀

3 May 2019 is significant in my life, and I will show you something that day. I have signed NDAs and can’t talk about it right now 📯 #zipit