My #job 9-5 24/7 how I call it. Scroll the images for a surprise. ⠀
Why yachts? I am lucky to know how to build, manage and run #megayachts ✨

I am known in the industry as Bolinger with one L. Will tell you a story one day 😆 why…

My dream is to build a yacht again for my Principal. 90-meter #Oceanco would be ideal. ⚓️ Currently, ours is not the one that we have created ourselves.

I know how to build the team of crew members and the most important is the Captain. ⚓️

I like “going to the sea”. I love being a crew member. I see how perfect is the ecosystem of the yachting crew. ⚓️⛵️

I have so much to tell you about the boats, and I have gazillions of pics… I think I will need to write memoirs here ✌️

If I can say to you today that the Captain is the most critical leader and for captain crew will work extra hard – this is what is enough to know.

Yachting is the most luxurious lifestyle that UHNW humans can afford.

There is a saying at sea the yacht costs more money than one can physically burn.. With fire 🔥 so true. Will tell about that too. ⠀

I don’t know by which fate ” I am going to the sea” perhaps because my dad was seafarer? Or is it because I work for UHNW family? Best parties are with @blueinternationaltalent, and best Av is from @californiaaudiotechnology – here are links to my best partners.

God knows.. Story to continue ✨